Everything About Caterpillar Hunter

Caterpillar Hunter

A picture of a Caterpillar Hunter Beetle
Photo by:
John Serrao/Photo Researchers, Inc.
Caterpillar Hunter, common name for any of several closely related species of large, nocturnal, predatory beetles. Caterpillar hunters prey on caterpillars and earthworms. Some, such as the fiery searcher, are brilliantly colored. This species, which can grow up to 3.4 cm (1.3 in) long, is metallic blue and green. The European caterpillar hunter was imported into the United States in large numbers to combat the browntail moth.

Scientific classification: Caterpillar hunters belong to the family Carabidae. The fiery searcher is classified as Calosoma scrutator, and the European caterpillar hunter as Calosoma sycophanta.

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